The chance meeting…  A couple of years ago, I was waiting at the airport for my parents to arrive for their spring Phoenix vacation.  As I was looking up at the arrivals screen, a young lady, who was waiting for her friend to arrive, inquired about my shirt, as it had the logo for Dove Valley Ranch.  She had played the course and was wandering if I had as well.  We talked for a brief moment and then mom and dad came around the corner.  I saw ‘Stacey’ again in the luggage area and gave her my business card and told her to call should she want to come up and play golf again. Much to my surprise, she called the next day and we went out for dinner after my parents left town.  After a  couple of dinners, we realized that things were not going to move forward but we stayed in touch via emails and the occasional phone call.


The set-up meeting… In early March, Stacey sent me an email that she wanted me to meet her hygienist. I was not into the blind date thing and wanted to say negative, but something told me that maybe she had someone I should see and know. It was the casual thing - happy hour - drinks at Earls - 5:30 sharp. Sharp, what did that mean. Anyway, I was there talking to Stacey and her new fiancé, when a pretty little blond headed blue eyed confident girl walked into the bar. Nicole was wearing a brown button down shirt showing off her ‘best’ assets which, by the way, did not make me flinch. This was someone from Purdue after all and I had googled her. She was an All American!! Well we talked for a good hour straight before she had to leave rather abruptly. (I was told she had to get up early and work out). The quick exit had all the ingredients of the ’I am not interested move’. Little did I know she had plans with someone else for dinner. Too funny. Did you know that Nicole can juggle… hmmmm?


The future…  Anyway,  I hung around for a while with Stacey and her friends and then drove home.  I called Nicole on the way home to leave her a message about how nice it was to meet her and that we should set up a date to go out again.  I didn’t expect her to answer because she was supposed to have been in bed in order to get up early for the workout, on a Saturday morning mind you (am I that gullible). She did pick up and as fate had it, I had made an impression on her strong enough for her to end her date early and go out with me 2 nights later, April 7, 2006, to Pane e Vino Ristorante.  The rest is history and the more is our future.  Thank you Stacey, for you insight and thank you God, for that chance encounter at the airport.