Being a hygienist has it's advantages!


       I was having the time of my life.  Traveling, dating several guys and hanging out with the girls.  Let's face it, I had it all!  I had a great career, my own home, 3 dogs, and I finally got my parents to accept the fact that I was happy being single.


     It all started when Stacy Kohler came into our dental office one afternoon and sat in the dental chair to have her annual 6 month cleaning..  It's quite funny because Stacy and I have connected since the first time I cleaned her teeth- which was 5 years ago.  We are very similar in age, athletics, motivation, independence, and of course beauty.  Ha! Ha!


     Within minutes after her arrival we were catching up on all of our past events that we had experienced in between our visits, and shared our trials and tribulations of singlehood and dating.  During our conversation Stacy had mentioned that she had a friend named Mike that she wanted to introduce to me. At the time, I think she told me "he was cute, a golf pro and a midwesterner".  She believed we had a lot in common, but couldn't state what those commonalities may have been.  Stacy had the idea that we just needed somehow to meet.  So she decided to set up a get together for a happy hour.  When Stacy called me a few days after her appointment, she ended up telling me that they were all going to meet up the following Friday, which was the day that I already had another date.  I tried to wiggle out of meeting Mike, despite my own rule that I will always go on a blind date if I'm set up, because "it only takes 1 person to be the right one".  I told Stacy that I didn't think I was going to go because I already had a date that night, and I didn't want to mess anything up with this other guy.  She stated that I had to go because she has only introduced two other couples, and they both married.  If it weren't for Stacy's track record, I don't think I would have followed through. Yes, the odd's were in my favor.


       So I went to happy hour.  I brought my girlfriend with me and we decided to try and tell Mike that she was me.  After all, I knew my other date had potential, and my friend wanted to find someone too.  Oddly enough, our plan didn't work.  Mike walked into the bar right as we were planning our name switch.  I was caught and decided after meeting him that maybe he was worth investigating.


     We sat down and talked over a few drinks:)  Wow- the commonalities and the similar lifestyles, experiences, upbringing, values and morals!  They were all in check!  The only regret was that I had another date that same night and that I was going to have to cut our night short.  I  explained to Mike that I had to leave because I had to get up early the next morning for a run.  I wasn't sure he was buying that excuse, but it got me out the door.  haha.


     There was something magical that happened that night!  Not knowing exactly what it was, I went to the other date, broke things off with the guy whom I thought was the right one for me, and drove home.  On the way home my phone rang.  It was Mike..........The rest is History!!!!!! 

LOL- Nicole